Friday, December 15, 2006

A SoNg fRom F@Y

Sinar di wajahmu
Cahaya yang pernah ada
Kilatan yang pernah ada
Di mataku

Gelak tawamu
Tutupi risau hatiku
Ceria_kan hidup ini
Ceria_kan hari ini
Dikala hilang tawaku

Kembangkan sayapmu
Tutupi dunia
Ku yakin kau kan dapat meraih bintang diangkasa

Hingga kau lelah
Hingga kau tertidur
Alunan laguku ini..


he said when you have already covered the world, please remember the sand that left behind, I.

he one i love most
the one that i always can turn to
the one that i trust
the one who always be there for me
the one that i can share everything
the one who always teach me life
the one who always deny that we have the same path :p

We used to be a lover, once
Now.. We are a very best friend and a great patner

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Life Talk

juz had a gut & fun "Life Talk" with a Gut friend of mine last friday
begin with a silly conversation creeped to the deep one..
'bout friendship, love, life, religion, things unseen :p
teach me with new things that i never thought before,
see things with a different perspective,
teach me how important for being our self,
told me for
never judge life..
(sometimes i blame the life it self; what a sad thought,isnt it??!! )
things happened for a reason
be grateful with things that we have,
every breath we take, every food we eat,
start with a very simple things..

it was fun chat,
one of a great heavy and long chat, i think
and end up with a big warm hug
it's been a while since i had last chat like this (with other best friend)

juz can't wait until next chat :p

Monday, December 04, 2006


it's beginning of rainy season...
aaaahhh.. senang nyaa.. bikin sejuk, bisa cium bau tanah basah
dah b'bulan2 kering kerontang, panas m'bara.
i love rainy season!!! i love rain!!