Sunday, December 10, 2006

Life Talk

juz had a gut & fun "Life Talk" with a Gut friend of mine last friday
begin with a silly conversation creeped to the deep one..
'bout friendship, love, life, religion, things unseen :p
teach me with new things that i never thought before,
see things with a different perspective,
teach me how important for being our self,
told me for
never judge life..
(sometimes i blame the life it self; what a sad thought,isnt it??!! )
things happened for a reason
be grateful with things that we have,
every breath we take, every food we eat,
start with a very simple things..

it was fun chat,
one of a great heavy and long chat, i think
and end up with a big warm hug
it's been a while since i had last chat like this (with other best friend)

juz can't wait until next chat :p