Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Letting (Him) Go

"I can solve yours, but I can't solve mine, kinda....."

dat is his shout out...

it's about letting him go
letting the love that i have for him
letting all the hopes dat i have

i don't know it could be dat hurts
yeap..it hurts me a lot
breaking my heart and myself into pieces
crying till my eyes and heart hurt
crying until i fell asleep
but i don't think dat could bring us back together

i do love him
truly love.. deep

but i know i cant be like this
he deserves his own happiness
he deserves everything in the world that make him happy
i cant hold him back

i think i failed
failed to keep this love

it's very hard for me
letting him go with full of surrender

am i following the pattern?? his pattern??
or may be it juz me who doesnt wanna change??
just holding back to the past, the sweetest past dat i had with him?

time will heal.. i hope...
i need it.. badly...
i know it might not easy
but i have to move on...
bring back all the pieces together